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The most popular dive sites of our area


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Wreck of the Empress of Ireland (Sainte-Luce-sur-Mer)

The most famous dive site of our area!  The Empress of Ireland was a Canadian Pacific ocean liner that sank in 1914. The Musée de la Mer de Pointe-au-Père dedicates a major permanent exhibit to this 172 meter (569 ft) giant that lies offshore of Sainte-Luce-sur-Mer.

Postcard, Empress of IrelandModel, Empress of Ireland

Wreck of the Germanicus (Île Biquette, Parc du Bic)

The Germanicus, a 2623 tonBritish vessel, sunk in 1919 a few meters from the Northwest Reef near Biquette Island. Although it has been damaged by artifact hunters, the boilers, screw and anchor remain intact and are impressive sights. Divers are often greeted by the local residents; seals from the colonies around the Bic and Biquette Islands.

Seal, wreck of the GermanicusThe Germanicus, Biquette Island

Les Escoumins

Located on the North shore of the St.Lawrence, the exceptional dive sites of  Les Escoumins are easily reached by the fast catamaran ferry that leaves from Rimouski several times a day. The marine life in this sector of the Saguenay St.Lawrence Marine Park is very abundant and colorful. Divers can also visit the wreck of the Bergeronnes Trader, a small 75-ton freighter that went down in 1936.

Les Escoumins, typical faunaBergeronnes Trader, Les Escoumins

The Pointe-au-Père wharf

This site is only minutes away from Rimouski. The old wharf is now a rock jetty and provides nice sights both above the surface and underwater. Winter diving is also possible when the area is ice-free.

Hermit crab, Pointe-au-PèrePointe-au-Père wharf, winter

Les Méchins

The site known as Les Îlets is located a little east of Matane. It is one of the most visited sites of our area. Dives are done on the northern side of the small islands. Marine life is abundant and typical of the Gaspé Peninsula.

Les Méchins, winter flounderLes Méchins, starfish

The wreck at Cap-Chat

Located near the Cap-Chat fishing port, this old barge has been damaged by ice and storms since it went down, but it is still a nice dive site.

The wreck at Cap-ChatThe wreck at Cap-Chat

Rivers and lakes

The Rimouski area offers many freshwater diving opportunities. Many lakes have dropoffs and deep walls that are sought after by divers. Rivers, including the Rimouski River, can also be visited by divers.

Rocky dropoff, lake near RimouskiCrayfish

Ice diving

Ice diving is popular during winter on our lakes.

Buddy team, ice divingIce diving

Wreck of the Nipigon

Under the leadership of the RAEQ (Récifs Artificiels de l'Estuaire du Québec), the former HMCS Nipigon was sunk on July 26th, 2003 off Sainte-Luce-sur-Mer. This 113 meter vessel which rests in 30 m (100 ft) of water is now a first rate dive site.

Nipigon, Rimouski-estNipigon, Rimouski-est

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